The Seeds of Change

The idea for SuperSeedz was cooked up back in the fall of 2003. As a mother of five, chef and entrepreneur, I was always experimenting with food and trying to find ways to cook healthy without sacrificing taste.

On this particular occasion, I was exploring healthy snacks and salad topper recipes and hit upon something simple yet extraordinary--seasoned, dry roasted pumpkin seeds. I started with Curry. Next came Cinnamon & Sugar. My friends loved them. My kids loved them, so I created more and more flavors and started selling them at local fairs and farmers markets. Soon my company was born: Kathie's Kitchen.

Then I met Joe Pelliccio, a man as passionate about SuperSeedz as I was. Joe soon became the Seed King/President of the company, and my husband!

Now, we travel the country together introducing SuperSeedz to people everywhere and my seeds are still artfully crafted the same way that I made them years ago in my kitchen. They have no shells and are prepared in small batches, using a proprietary, artisanal, pan-roasting process that allows the seasonings to be baked in to the seeds. They are lightly crunchy, never oil cooked and never “spray flavored.”

We’re out to sow the seeds of change one taste bud at a time. So whether you’re new to SuperSeedz, or a long-time fan, thank you for helping my company grow from, well, a seed!

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