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Premium Select 4oz Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

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Welcome to pumpkin seed heaven! Originally from Austria, So, these are Premium European pumpkin seeds. Born without shells, they’re bigger, tastier and more snackable.. If you love smooth dark chocolate with a lightly salted crunch, these are just for you.

  • 7G OF PROTEIN | 16% RDI
  • 10% RDI OF IRON
  • 15% RDI OF ZINC

Introducing a new era of Dark chocolate with sea salt pumpkin seeds

After carving your pumpkins for Halloweens, make a sweet & salty snack out of those Dark chocolate With Sea Salt! So these chocolate covered pumpkin seeds are a sweet and crunchy way to keep you out of the candy bowl.

The nutty flavour of these nutritious chocolate covered Pepita seeds is great with dark chocolate. So the antioxidants in dark chocolate is an added bonus.

All the kids (the BIG ones too) love these. Great as a special gift idea.

These dark chocolate with sea salt pumpkin seeds no shell pack a major healthy punch along with an irresistible crunch. So the pepitas seeds may be little, but they pack a lot of nutrition. 

So mix them in trail mix, toss them in your salad, or add them to your favourite recipe for a nutritional boost. So pepitas seeds also work well as a tasty addition to quinoa dishes or chicken recipes.

Where to buy pepitas seeds near me ?

At SuperSeedz, we believe in providing the freshest, most delicious Pepita seeds . So our pumpkin seeds are:

Sourced from sustainable farms

Hulled for easy snacking

Available in a variety of roasts and flavours like Dark hocolate With Sea Salt Pepita seeds .
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