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Premium Select 4oz Pink Himalayan

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Pink Himalayan is the epitome of guilt free snacking. These Premium European pumpkin seeds are born without shells, bigger, tastier and more snackable. Each Kernel has a superfine Pink Himalayan Salt coating that takes flavour to the next level. I call it snacking nirvana…enjoy.

  • 8G OF PROTEIN | 16% RDI
  • 15% RDI OF IRON
  • 20% RDI OF ZINC

Why Are they super? Who knew SuperSeedz pumpkin seed were so, well...SUPER.

Here are some reasons why:

  • NO SHELLS! We take off the shell, so you don’t get any of that shell shrapnel.

  • NUTRITIONALLY WELL ENDOWED : Gourmet Pumpkin seeds have been a little under the radar, but they are packed with nutrients. Ounce for ounce gourmet pumpkin salt have 42% more protein than almonds and 212% more magnesium than peanuts.

  • SIMPLE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Unlike many nut and seed brands that spray-flavour their products with artificial flavours, each of our seeds is dry roasted with nothing but simple, natural and delicious ingredients.

  • ALLERGY FRIENDLY : Free from Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Wheat (Gluten), Egg, Soy, Fish, Shellfish and they're delicious... JACKPOT!

A salad was the first course. It was Kathie Pelliccio's problem. Although she enjoyed salads, she felt that they lacked some bite and flavour. After experimenting with almonds and peanuts, Kathie discovered that pepitas, or unshelled roasted pumpkin salt, had the perfect crunch and flavour. They were also significantly more nutrient-dense, innovative, entertaining, and allergy-friendly.

Thus, Kathie began preparing her own seasoned and no-shell pumpkin salt in her house. Taste was important. Every spice blend needed to be distinctive, the components needed to be organic, and every seed needed to be perfectly roasted. She created a special dry roasting method that produced the ideal seed and employed unusual, delicious flavours.

Kathie divided her seeds into "batches" and kept them in glass jars.

Ingredients: Premium European Pumpkin Seeds, Pink Himalayan Salt

Where to buy pumpkin seeds near me?

You can buy them at or at various retail stores around the country. SuperSeedz are available at health food and gourmet food retailers across the U.S., including Whole Foods, Vons/Safeway, Stop & Shop, Shoprite, Big Y and many others. 

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