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Premium Select 4oz Vermont Maple Sugar & Sea Salt

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Best Vermont Maple Sea Salt Welcome to pumpkin seed heaven! Originally from Austria, these are Premium European pumpkin seeds. So born without shells, they’re bigger, tastier and more snackable.. So if you love maple (think kettle corn) and salty you are going to fall in love with this guilt free treat. 

  • 7G OF PROTEIN | 16% RDI
  • 10% RDI OF IRON
  • 15% RDI OF ZINC

Craving that classic maple flavor but without the hassle? SuperSeedz to the rescue! So these gourmet pumpkin seeds with maple syrup are pre-coated in real Vermont Maple sugar and sea salt, offering a delicious sweet and salty combo.So forget sticky fingers and chilly mornings –  SuperSeedz are the mess-free way to enjoy authentic maple taste.


Packed with protein and nutrients, So these seeds are a satisfying snack on their own, or you can add a delightful crunch to your yogurt, oatmeal, or even pancakes! With a flavor so good, So we think you'll be hooked.

Packed with Goodness:


Super nutritious!

Boosted with 7-9 grams of plant-based protein per serving.


Conveniently shell-less for mess-free snacking.

Made in small batches for quality.

So perfect for those with allergies: free from all common allergens.


Provides a complete plant-based protein source (7-9g).

So high in essential minerals: 35% RDI of magnesium, 15% RDI of iron and zinc.

Light on calories (only 150 per serving) with zero trans fat and cholesterol.

Why are Vermont maple sugar and sea salt by superseedz different from others?

Here are the reasons to love and enjoy best pumpkin seeds with vermont maple syrup

Shell Yeah! Snacking Made Easy:

Forget the messy shell shrapnel – we've already removed them for your convenience!

Powerhouse in a Tiny Package: 

Don't let their size fool you! Pumpkin seeds are bursting with nutrients. So they pack a whopping 42% more protein than almonds and a staggering 212% more magnesium than peanuts, all in a single ounce!

Simple and Delicious: 

Ditch the artificial flavors! We dry roast our pumpkin seeds using only the finest natural ingredients, resulting in a pure and irresistible taste.

Allergy-Friendly Feasting:  

Here's the cherry on top: these pumpkin seeds are free of the most common allergens – peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, eggs, soy, fish, and shellfish!  It's a delicious win for everyone!

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