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Original 5oz Sea Salt

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Premium Austrian Pumpkin Seeds with a touch of Salt. A wholefood snack that packs a nutritional punch

We have been importing our Pumpkin seeds with sea salt from Austria since we met the farmers in 2019, they shared their special variety that is larger than the Chinese ones for bigger flavor and bigger crunch. Dry roasted using simple ingredients

  • 8G OF PROTEIN | 16% RDI 
  • 15% RDI OF IRON 
  • 15% RDI OF ZINC 
  • Sustainable crop and Bee friendly

Sustainable crop and Bee friendly

This is the absolute BEST WAY to make happy moments during Halloween with our crunchy, salty, roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt .Delicious roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt a high quality snack equally suited to the ballpark and the office.'

Furthermore, low sodium, rich in protein, magnesium, and zinc. So a good source of protein, fiber, and iron. Great for parties, camping, backpacking, or a satisfying snack any time. Gluten free. Resealable standing pouch. kosher

Our AIB rated Superior, Michigan facility dry roasts certified organic european pumpkin seeds. After roasting, we lightly coat the seeds with sea salt and allow them to naturally air dry before packaging in protective, resealable 5 ounce bags.

Why choose SuperSeedz  Pumpkin seeds with sea salt ?

These seeds have been expertly roasted and seasoned with a touch of sea salt, creating a crispy, flavorful, and delightful snack. Our roasted pumpkin seeds will give every bite a wow factor! Furthermore, it's common knowledge that food produced and cultivated nearby tastes better.

Where to buy Roasted pumpkin seeds ?

You can buy them at or at various retail stores around the country. SuperSeedz are available at health food and gourmet food retailers across the U.S., including Whole Foods, Vons/Safeway, Stop & Shop, Shoprite, Big Y and many others.

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